Motorola to spin off handset division on 4 January

The company has announced that its anticipated break-up will take place at the beginning of 2011, after which Motorola Mobility will trade under the name MMI
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Motorola's long-awaited break-up has been dated to 4 January, when its handset unit will be spun off as a separate company.

Motorola image

Motorola has announced the date of its split. Photo credit: CNET News

The company formalised its long-standing plans in a statement, announcing that Motorola shareholders will spin off Motorola Mobility as a tax-free dividend. Shareholders will get one share of Motorola Mobility for every eight shares of the company they hold.

Motorola will conduct a one-for-seven reverse split as soon as the distribution is made. The distribution will happen before the market opens on 4 January. Shareholders as of 21 December will receive the spin-off shares. Motorola will then change its name to Motorola Solutions and trade under the moniker MSI. Motorola Mobility will trade under the name MMI.

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