Mozilla updates Firefox OS to 1.1, promises Firefox OS phones in new markets

Mozilla has flagged the launch of new Firefox OS phones with new markets coming soon.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Mozilla has announced an update to Firefox Os ahead of the operating system's launch in new countries.

Firefox OS 1.1 brings a number of performance improvements, including MMS support, a new push notifications API, app search and contact management enhancements.

The update is the first since Mozilla announced it will aim for a fast-paced quarterly release schedule for the OS.

And, following the launch in July of the first Firefox OS smartphones, Mozilla is gearing up to expand the range and availability of its HTML5-based devices.

While it trumpeted the forthcoming launches, Mozilla didn't say where and when the new Firefox OS devices will be available, although its partners, such as carriers Deutsche Telekom and Telefonica, have already outlined some of the plans, after launching the low-cost ZTE Open and Alcatel One Touch in a handful of countries this year.

So far, Telefonica has launched the ZTE Open in Spain, while selling both device to its Latin American customers in Venezuela and Colombia since August. It's also planning to launch a Brazil launch in the fourth quarter of this year.

Meanwhile, Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile brand rolled out the devices first to Poland, and plans to launch in Germany via its Congstar brand this month, followed shortly after by Greece and Hungary.

Norwegian operator Telenor also plans to launch in Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro before the end of the year.

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