MP3: Samsung slims, Apple bites, and Lucent points the other way

Wrap up with some of the day's biggest MP3 news.
Written by Morgan Holt, Contributor

  • Samsung launched the world's smallest MP3 player in Korea today. The latest of its 'Yepp' line measures the size of a business card and 17mm thick. Holding 40Mb of audio, it also includes an FM radio, voice recording capabilities, and a basic telephone book.
  • Apple paid MP3 creators Frauenhofer for the right to use MP3 in QuickTime 4. Reviews at Apple Insider claim a very satisfactory sound and expect the software to regain its position as a media leader.
  • And Lucent has seen the (other) light. The company is working with e.Digital on a handheld device that downloads music from the internet. Sound familiar? It would be except that it's not MP3, but based on Lucent's own Enhanced Perceptual Audio Coder (EPAC). But don't write it off just yet. Lucent is another founder member of the Secure Digital Music Initiative.
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