MS puts NetObjects on its FrontPage

Microsoft today swapped technology with Internet startup NetObjects, claiming the deal will put attractive Web pages within the reach of more users.

Microsoft's FrontPage, Visual C++, Visual Basic and the imminent Internet Studio, will ship with NetObject controls by the end of this year. NetObject controls are ready-made Web page templates. In return, NetObjects' Fusion 1.0 Web site construction software will make more use of ActiveX, Internet Explorer and Visual Basic scripting.

A trial version of Fusion 1.0 for Windows 95 and NT, with visual support for ActiveX, can be downloaded from NetObjects' Web site.

Mike Pryke-Smith, Internet tools product manager at Microsoft, said the announcement marked a series of promotions for both companies. "There will be some overlap in demand for Microsoft FrontPage and Fusion [but] FrontPage is aimed at the office market and most users may not want to get into the complexities of Fusion."

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