MS says NetCarta buy offers superior Web site control

Microsoft yesterday filled out the why's and wherefore's for its acquisition of Web site management tool maker NetCarta and its flagship product, WebMapper.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

"What I see NetCarta bringing to us is capability in the area of Web content management," said Russ Stockdale, group product manager for the personal and business systems group at Microsoft. "It fills out a story we've already begun, giving us tools for developing and controlling Web sites from FrontPage to Visual J++."

"We looked at a lot of products out there and felt NetCarta provided the best technology. WebMapper provides a suite of reporting tools that Web site managers will find useful, telling you about broken links, images that are too big, places you want to be linking to. Also, it supports multiple sites and servers, and tens of thousands of pages. We can take this solid technology and give it greater distribution and awareness."

Stockdale added that it was too early to say when Microsoft-branded shrink-wraps of WebMapper will be available but said that it would likely become part of the BackOffice suite.

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