MSFT: EU would force users to pick browser

Microsoft says EU action would mean users would have to choose browsers.
Written by Richard Koman, Contributor
European Windows customers could be forced to choose a browser when setting up a PC, Microsoft claims in its latest 10-Q filing with the SEC. Such a result is possible because of the European Commission's finding that Microsoft violates antitrust law by installing IE as part of Windows.
While computer users and OEMs are already free to run any Web browsing software on Windows, the Commission is considering ordering Microsoft and OEMs to obligate users to choose a particular browser when setting up a new PC. Such a remedy might include a requirement that OEMs distribute multiple browsers on new Windows-based PCs. We may also be required to disable certain unspecified Internet Explorer software code if a user chooses a competing browser. The statement of objections also seeks to impose a significant fine based on sales of Windows operating systems in the European Union.

I don't get why that's such a bad thing. Microsoft has been picking our browser for us for a long time now.

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