MSFT+YHOO=15% of all time spent on Internet

Nielsen Online released some new metrics in the wake of the MSFT/YHOO news.
Written by Tom Foremski, Contributor

Nielsen Online released some new metrics in the wake of the MSFT/YHOO news:

Global Web Traffic

+------------------------------------+------------------------+ | Parent | Unique Audience (000) | +------------------------------------+------------------------+ | Google | 273,896 | Microsoft | 262,085 | Yahoo! | 190,687 | Time Warner | 155,643 | eBay | 145,129 | Yahoo! + Microsoft | 289,029 +------------------------------------+-----------------------+

US Search Share

| Yahoo! Search + MSN/Windows Live Search 31.5% | Google Search 56.3% | Yahoo! Search 17.7% | MSN/Windows Live Search 13.8% | AOL Search 4.7% | Ask.com Search 2.2%

Ken Cassar, VP Industry Solutions Analytics, Nielsen Online, said, "The combined entity would be visited by 86 percent of U.S. Internet users, account for 15 percent of all time spent online, and represent 59 percent of online display ad impressions sold, really the most significant revenue generator today for most online publishers.”

“Even though they have significant audience overlap and a combined search share that would not catch Google's, they could be positioned to create the next generation of ad networks - one that rivals Google/Doubleclick - a diverse environment, made of up e-mail, search, original content and consumer generated media, where advertisers could maximize their buys over two of the most trusted online brands."

Microsoft would get social media too...

Peter Blackshaw, exec VP, Nielsen Online, said, "The proposed transaction itself would give Microsoft one of the industry's strongest portfolio's in the growing social-media space that would include FlickR, Delicious and Yahoo Answers, alongside its investment in Facebook."

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