MSN partners with VigLink to unlock new revenue streams from existing content

Over 86.6 million people are expected to use ad blockers in 2017 causing headaches for publishers and news media organizations. They now need to find other revenue-generating activities that are less intrusive than current visual ads.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

San Francisco CA-based content platform VigLink has partnered with MSN to monetise its online content. This team-up lets MSN, and its related sites, blend VigLink's technology into its content without altering the user experience or changing the integrity of its editorial focus.

MSN partners with VigLink to unlock new revenue streams from existing content ZDNet

Many commercial links within a publisher's content do not earn compensation for the publisher. With VigLink's technology, these links are immediately associated with advertiser marketing programs, but there is no change to the user experience.

This partnership lets MSN to more accurately target relevant experiences for readers, as well as offer its own partners a monetization strategy and higher chance for audience engagement.

VigLink's technology and network of over 65,000 merchants lets MSN get the best deals for its audience from links. Its technology turns existing links into revenue generating affiliate links.

The software also adds affiliate hyperlinks links to publisher keywords throughout the content in an article. These keywords provide extra revenue for MSN. Viglink Anywhere also lets content creators monetise social media posts across platforms.

Its Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology recognizes keywords and topics in a publishers content that are valuable and relevant. It can then find high quality product mentions in the content which can result in more user clicks.

The technology can also provide insights into which products are talked about, purchased, or abandoned for each merchant.

Oliver Roup, CEO of VigLink said "MSN's partnership with VigLink speaks to the growing trend among savvy publishers who are looking to diversify from display and focus on commerce revenue.

We are proud to provide tools that help commerce editors unlock the purchase intent embedded in their content."

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