MSWF07: Live blogging the keynote address

SAN FRANCISCO -- I'm inside Moscone West for the Macworld Expo 2007 keynote address and it's packed, Gnarls Barkley "Crazy" is on the sound system. It's probably one of the most highly anticipated Apple keynote addresses of all time, but so was the last one.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor
SAN FRANCISCO -- I'm inside Moscone West for the Macworld Expo 2007 keynote address and it's packed, Gnarls Barkley "Crazy" is on the sound system. It's probably one of the most highly anticipated Apple keynote addresses of all time, but so was the last one.
The line was crazy getting in, almost a stampede. They didn't let the media in until 8:50am PT and it was a mad dash to the seats. Someone compared it to the running of the bulls. But it's a little more like the French Quarter during Mardi Gras.
Moscone West looks to be about 3x larger than South, there are no overflow rooms for the keynote. Looks like 10,000 people in attendance.
SJ takes the stage at around 9:20am PT...

New "I'm a Mac" ad - Vista surgery
>50% new mac buyers are new to the Mac
not just in the Apple store, all Mac buyers
iPods -
nano colors
iTunes -
2B songs sold
second B in
5M songs per day
Apple is now #4 in music sales
you can guess who our next "Target" will be (laughs)
50M TV shows sold
1.3M movies sold
New movie partner: Paramount
Joke: all 7 Star Trek movies
2% market share
iPod 62%
rest 36%
Showing a new ad for iPod
up and coming british pop group
showing iPod ad#2
new name for the iTV
enjoy your video on the TV
720p HD
40GB HDD (50h video)
Auto-sync your content from one computer
Stream content from five computers
demoing iTV
gorgeous screen saver
Trailers stream live from Apple.com
Showing trailer for "The Good Shepherd"
Trailer: Zoolander (laughs)
TV show: Heros "Better Half"
Showing music on iTV: John Mayer: Daughters
Stones, Steve McQueen
Gorgeous transitions between tracks
Photos: slideshows with Ken Burns effect and music (ala iPhoto)
demoing primarily content synced from a Mac
Connect to a neighbor - Phil Schiller
Go down into sources
Type in a PIN, connect to Phil's MacBook
30 Rock: "Jack Meets Dennis" (when do you turn 40?)
(laughs, applause)
"we think this is pretty cool"
Shipping in Feb, taking orders today
Enjoy your media on your big screen TV
"I've been looking forward to this for 2.5 years"
(big announcement coming folks)
1984 Macintosh
2001 iPod
Today, we're introducing three revolutionary products
1. widescreen iPod with touch controls
2. revolutionary mobile phone
3. breakthrough internet communication device
they are not three products
Steve just produced it from his pocket!
then put it away! ("we'll see that later")
re-invent the phone
leapfrog product
revolutionary user interface
years of R&D
interplay of HW & SW
problem is in the bottom 40 (plastic keyboards)
buttons and controls can't change
how do you solve this?
we solved it in computers 20 years ago - bitmapped screen
no stylus
best pointing device in the world - your finger
multi-touch - it's like magic
no intended touches
software breakthrough
iPhone runs OS X
sophisticated OS
best networking
awesome security
the right apps
desktop class networking and applications
we're going to ship our 100 millionth iPod this year
you'll do the same thing with iPhone
sync everything with iPhone: Photos, Movies, Songs
data too: contacts, email
3.5 inch screen
160 pixels per inch
one button - home button
thinner than any smart phone out there 11.6mm
2MP camera built in
headset jack
SIM card
sleep/wake button
speaker/mic/iPod connector
3 really advanced sensors
proximity sensor - turns off display and touch screen when taking a call
ambient light sensor - adjusts brightness, saves power
accelerometer - switches for portrait to landscape
let's start with the iPod
"you can touch your music"
CoverFlow - first time on an iPod
live scrolling through artists
gorgeous album art - full screen
playing Beatles Sgt. Peppers
landscape mode flips to CoverFlow
Green Day - Blvd of broken dreams
demo: The Office (sending Dwight faxes to himself from the future) Roars in the audience.
Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean - a tap makes it wide screen (with bars on the top and bottom) looks like it's not true wide screen.
let's take a look at a revolutionary phone
it's amazing how hard it hard it is to dial a phone
most people use recent as their address book
visual voicemail - let's you see who they're from
random access voice mail
quad-band GSM plus Edge phone
looks like the WSJ's Cingular rumor was right.
Bluetooth 2.0
demoing the Phone
makes first public phone call with iPhone to "Jony Ive"
another call coming in...
conferenced in Phil (really easily)
adding a favorite is really easily via plus icon
analogous to Internet bookmarks
very slick, smooth UI
very large keypad
numbers get smaller
visual voicemail looks pretty sick too...
demoing it now
voicemail from Al Gore
"wish I could be there today, here in Nashville training people to give my slideshow"
voicemail from Tim Cook "I've got the sales numbers from last quarter... never mind, I'll give them to you later" laughs
SMS looks just like iChat
I may donate my iPhone to WillItBlend.com
Going into Photo library
photos flip to landscape
steve live demos "the pinch" using two fingers to re-size photos (applause)
"slide to unlock"
Photos/SMS/Phone app
now let's look at the Internet communication device
Rich HTML email
works with IMAP/POP email service
Safari on iPhone
first full HTML browser on a phone
full Google Maps
Edge and WiFi - switches automatically to WiFi seamlessly
talking about the email options IMAP/POP
Yahoo mail has over 250M email accounts
Free push IMAP email to all iPhone customers
demoing Mail, Safari, GMaps, Widgets
Phone numbers are hot linked
typing an email with address completion
image scaling
multiple Web pages - Amazon DVD section - beautiful
Al's Inconvenient Truth is #1 (applause)
(waiting for price/availability info)
demoing stock information from the Web, looks just like the Stock widget ("Apple stock is up, that's good") laughs
AAPL trading at $87.89 (up 2.42)
Weather - looks like the Widget
demoing Google Maps
searching for Starbucks ("for coffee afterward")
"Yes, I'd like to order 4,000 lattes to go -- Sorry, just joking, wrong number!" crowd roars!
Washington monument
A images
Eiffel Tower
Coliseum in Rome (applause)
breakthrough Internet communicator
Email (push) IMAP/POP, incredible new tech for entering text
Real Web browser with zoom
It's the Internet in your pocket.
You can't think about the Internet without thinking about Google: built into the phone...
Introducing Dr. Eric Schmidt, CEO Google
if we merged the companies we could call it AppleGoo (laughs)
Schmidt congratulates Steve
"as a board member you'll get one of the first one's"
Search built right in, Yahoo IMAP
Jerry Yang, Co-Founder and Chief Yahoo! takes the stage
"I'm not an Apple board member, but I'd really like an iPhone"
"We're big believers in good hardware and good software"
"Steve, you have my address, please send it to me" (laughs)
Demos emailing a photo to Phil
very easy UI
"let's catch a movie tonight"
Steve looks up Fandango on the iPhone
zooming into the Fandango Web page
goes back to the music he was listening to RHCP
"Today Apple is re-inventing the Phone"
Compares the UI to the other "Smart Phones"
headphone accessory
BT headset accessory
5h battery
16h audio playback
multi-touch display - a first
200+ patents in iPhone ("and we intend to protect them")
iPod $199
Smartphone $299 w/2yr contract
most people buy both
"what should we charge?"
"we thought long and hard about this"
4GB - $499 w/2year contract
8GB - $599
Available: in June (bummer)
Europe: Q4
Asia: 2008
Cingular: partner
58M subscribers
number one in the US
Visual voicemail is the first fruit of this partnership
(Jason: so much for it being carrier free!)
CEO Stan Sigmund
11 days ago Cingular became part of the new AT&T
"Cingular and Apple are truly raising the bar"
2100 retail Cingular store "unmatched distribution"
"This is not an MVNO"
SJ: "We come from completely different worlds"
Steve looking at the market:
(Technical difficulties with Steve remote "They're scrambling backstage right now" LAUGHS)
Steve stalling: talking about Woz's TV jammer (laughs)
Gaming consoles - 26M
Mobile Phones - 957M units sold in 2006
1% market share = 10M units in 2008
Changing company name to "Apple, Inc."
Dropping the "Computer" from the name.
Steve wrapping at 11:59am PT. Highlighting his staff...
A really special treat today: John Mayer coming on stage
Three time Grammy Winner, nominated for 5 Grammy's this year.
Introduces John, small stage slides out onto stage right...
(Steve escapes out the back door)
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