Multiple streams of revenue

Written by Vince Thompson, Contributing Editor

Chuck Davis, the CEO of Fandango, has an been a incredibly successful media executive. He started his career in publishing working for Time Inc. and later Murdoch Publishing, then went on to TVGuide and later Disney where he served as the head of e-commerce and ran online advertising and some subscription businesses as well. Just previous to joining Fandango, Davis led Shopzilla, Inc., formerly BizRate.com, from its infancy to its status as the largest, most profitable and fastest-growing comparison shopping site online.

With Comcast acquiring Fandango in May, 2007, Davis has overseen the 2008 acquisitions of Movies.com and DailyCandy, both of which are under his supervision.

In this Dog and Pony interview, Davis talks about the need for companies to develop multiple streams of revenue and shares how Fandango has build community as a way to extend their services.


What revenue streams can you build?

Is there a way to extent your community?

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