My love of Windows Phone drove me to order a 64GB Microsoft Surface

I can't say I really NEED a Microsoft Surface tablet, but as a huge fan of the Windows Phone platform and metro UI I just could not resist seeing it on a screen larger than my phone. I look forward to testing it alongside a new Windows Phone 8 device in November too.

After reading through Ed Bott's detailed Surface article and seeing that the Surface was available for pre-order I decided to place an order for the 64GB model and should have it by 26 October. One of the main reasons I decided to go ahead with a Surface purchase even though I have a fully functional new iPad and fabulous ZAGGkeys PROPlus backlit keyboard is that I am a HUGE fan of Windows Phone and the Surface RT looks to bring that same Live Tiles experience of Windows Phone to the big screen.

I ordered the 64GB model since I am wanted to make sure I had enough space to do what I want and not feel limited so paying an extra $100 seemed like the best option. This one also comes with the black touch cover and I figured I would try that one out before seeing if I wanted to go crazy with another color. The $120 additional cost for the touch cover is about what is charged for iPad keyboards so if I end up really liking the Surface then I may pick up a red or blue cover/keyboard.

Ed had some hands-on time with the Surface and his details on the quality and fit and finish helped push me over the edge. I want a high quality tablet, like my new iPad, and am looking forward to the Windows Phone-like experience on a large display. As an engineer, I understand I won't be able to run my high end engineering applications and will have to look to a full Windows 8 tablet for that in 2013, but plan to test out the version of Excel included with the Surface and other available applications. I may get a Surface Pro through work next year so figured I can use the Surface RT to get used to that experience too.

I find the Windows Phone UI refreshing and so does most of my family. My wife's Nokia Lumia 710 failed so I gave her my Galaxy Nexus to try and she hated it. She wants a new Windows Phone 8 device now so I am very interested in seeing what she thinks of this new Surface RT that will be entering our house in a couple of weeks.

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