My trip to the World Maker Faire in NYC

In my short trip to the World Makers Faire in New York, I discovered a life sized Mouse Trap game, people riding a merry-go-round powered by jet fuel, a man dressed in used car parts, and a 3D printing family.
Written by Boonsri Dickinson, Contributing Editor

On Saturday evening, I found myself at the New York Hall of Science grounds in Queens, New York. I overheard a kid tell the shirtless inventor that he needs to take a shower. True, this man spent the day drilling used car parts together and running around like it was Halloween to show off.

This show has a little bit of the Burning Man vibe. This determined man was one of the many makers at the famous World Maker Faire. Hundreds of creative people registered.

Remember the board game Mousetrap? Well, there was a life-sized Mousetrap! Women and men were dressed up as mice. When the ball was set in motion, it had to make its way through the game in order to crush a New York City taxi.

Oh, childhood memories of my favorite game came flooding back.

My favorite exhibit was the start-up called MakerBot Industries. A father and son showed off their 3D printers and the plastic shapes they made.

A plastic yellow cup and a white coin are just a few of the items the printer can spit out. It can be programmed to your specific taste, of course.

The Tesla coils were a big hit. Joe DiPrima played the Tesla coils. (This might sound familiar, as you might recognize him from America's Got Talent). DiPrima's performance was one of the most talked about at the event.

In case you missed the science show, the Maker Faire blog gives a pretty good run down of what went on in Queens.

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