MyMobiSafe.com Anticipating iPhone Arrival

MyMobiSafe.com Anticipating iPhone ArrivalBy: Eric Everson, Founder of MyMobiSafe.
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MyMobiSafe.com Anticipating iPhone Arrival By: Eric Everson, Founder of MyMobiSafe.com

The late June arrival of the new iPhone is all the rave this summer and MyMobiSafe.com is just as excited for the debut as everyone else. Apple has been very guarded about the information it has given to third-party software venders about the new handset. The operating system is OS X which will bring a nearly full version of operating system software to the mobile community.

According to a recent InformationWeek article regarding third-party applications, Steve Jobs recently declared “This is an important trade-off between security and openness. We want both. We're working through a way...we'll find a way to let 3rd parties write apps and still preserve security on the iPhone. But until we find that way we can't compromise the security of the phone.” Further, it has been reported that “Apple has said only software certified by them will be allowed to run on the iPhone.” (CBC News; 2007)

At MyMobiSafe.com, we are excited about the new handset and we are looking forward to making it a more secure mobile device. We will not adopt the same relaxed mindset as others who suggest “It’s a MAC, there won’t be any viruses to worry about.” Regarding the anticipated widespread adoption of the iPhone CBC News reported, “Apple is going to see things they've never seen before…" "They could see malware they have never had to deal with."

As a text book rule of digital security, the more widespread operating system usage is then the more likely it will be to get targeted in malware attacks. The tight-lipped launch of the iPhone has been successful at keeping critical information out of the malware author’s hands so far. It is commonly agreed that there won’t be a widespread attack targeting iPhone users in the near future. At MyMobiSafe.com we are focused on the future of mobile security, so we want to ensure MyMobiSafe® is capable of securing the iPhone as early as possible. We will definitely begin testing the moment the device is in our hands… okay we are tech gadget nerds, perhaps we’ll have to play with the iPhone’s new internet functionality and keyboard features before we start tearing it apart, but we’ll be working on it same day nonetheless. It is no secret that MyMobiSafe.com is anticipating the arrival of Apple’s latest gadget.

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