MyMobiSafe.com Startup Announces Big Month as Mobile Security Provider

MyMobiSafe.com Startup Announces Big First Month as Mobile Security Antivirus Provider!
Written by MobileTech , Contributor

MyMobiSafe.com Startup Announces Big First Month as Mobile Security Antivirus Provider! By: Eric Everson, Founder of MyMobiSafe.com

Time flies when you’re having fun. Amazingly we are already closing in on the end of our first month in the mobile security industry. Since we took MyMobiSafe.com live on 6/1 we now represent customers from every major U.S. Wireless provider including AT&T/Cingular, Verizon, Sprint-Nextel, T-Mobile, and Alltel. We have generated upwards of 300,000 new entries in the Google search engine and have generated a lot of publicity throughout the net. I am very excited about MyMobiSafe® as it represents the future of mobile security technology. We are actively positioning our brand as the leading innovator of the mobile security industry.

As a mobile security professional, I am glad that we have spread the news about our startup as it has begun to shed light on the greater security concerns the wireless industry faces. Personally I’ve found that among all other aspects the mobile security industry has done a poor job of communicating the actual issues the mobile community faces. Collectively the media wants to focus on mobile viruses, which is just a small part of what is really threatening the mobile industry. As I personally rely heavily on my mobile, the most frightening elements in this industry for me are mobile keyloggers, snoopware, and jacking scripts. As more financial information migrates into the mobile community we all need to begin realizing the security risks we face as mobile users. I enjoy the mobile side of the security industry because it is literally in its infancy. The threats that are emerging are getting more sophisticated and there is so much room for the MyMobiSafe® brand to grow

We are looking forward to building MyMobiSafe.com as the world’s go-to place for mobile security antivirus/firewall protection. We thank everyone who has supported our launch of MyMobiSafe.com and we look forward to serving the mobile community. If you haven’t stopped by our site yet, I hope you’ll visit us soon. Feel free to leave me a message here at ZDNet.co.uk or I regularly check my ericeverson@hotmail.com address too. Together we will make the future of the mobile community a safer place!

By: Eric Everson, Founder of MyMobiSafe.com

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