MyMobiSafe.com: Sticktoitiveness from Software Provider to Verification

MyMobiSafe.com: Sticktoitiveness from Software Provider to Verification LeaderAuthor: Eric EversonEvery entrepreneur has a relationship with this word.
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MyMobiSafe.com: Sticktoitiveness from Software Provider to Verification Leader Author: Eric Everson

Every entrepreneur has a relationship with this word. From the bootstrapping startup to those overburdened by debt structures in this tumultuous global state of economy, we all know this word. Depending on your dictionary of choice, this word may or may not even exist, but it is one that every entrepreneur knows all too well. What is the word? Sticktoitiveness.

As a Microsoft kid, even my trusted Spelling & Grammar tool does not recognize the word, but it is one that so many of us have developed an intimate relationship with over the years. From those that are fighting to keep multigenerational businesses alive through these tough times to those launching their startup in the midst of a lackluster job market, sticktoitiveness is a quality exhibited by the most successful entrepreneurs throughout history. My experience with my venture, MyMobiSafe.com, is no different, it is only through sheer sticktoitiveness that we have weathered the storm of survival to date.

If you’ve visited my company website is the last 24 hours, you have seen that we just launched our business in a very new direction. From our humble beginnings of writing mobile security software, we have now repositioned the company as a leader in mobile verification services. From the beginning our objective has always been to protect the mobile community. Our new direction will allow us the opportunity to drive the future of mobile security forward in a new way as we are positioning MyMobiSafe Verified Services at the forefront of the app-driven mobile environment.

Today we begin working with mobile application developers around the world to position MyMobiSafe Verified as the premier mark of quality in the mobile industry. Before now, mobile app developers had no way of differentiating their apps from those plagued with masked mobile malware. Today through our innovative accreditation process, we are working together with app developers to secure the future of mobile content. This new direction is a reflection of our commitment to the success of MyMobiSafe and our dedication in driving mobile security forward. More importantly it demonstrates the sticktoitiveness of this small company in the face of the most challenging economic times that most of us have ever managed through.

According to Merriam-Webster.com, sticktoitiveness means dogged perseverance and has an etymology that dates back as far as 1876 during the industrial revolution. Sometimes, as in the case of MyMobiSafe, that means making tough decisions to shift directions when everyone else is falling down around you. As entrepreneurs, it is our sticktoitiveness that allows us to dig deeper while many others perish. Sticktoitiveness is a word that is changing the future of mobile security and may be one that will revitalize your small business too.

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About the Author: Eric Everson is a leader in mobile technologies and is the founder of the U.S.-based MyMobiSafe.com. If you would like to contact Eric Everson for interview or with consulting related inquiries contact him directly at EricEverson@Hotmail.com.

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