MyMobiSafe.com: The World of Mobile Security Is Flat.

MyMobiSafe.com: The World of Mobile Security Is Flat.
Written by MobileTech , Contributor

MyMobiSafe.com: The World of Mobile Security Is Flat. By: Eric Everson, Founder of MyMobiSafe.com

It is said, that it was once commonly believed that the world was flat. Sailing to the edge of the earth would ultimately lead to the demise of a captain’s ship and crew. Technology has a way of quickly challenging the common belief system by offering new global standards. Much as it was advances in technology that proved that the world was spherical, technology has flattened the world all over again.

As mobile technology spreads throughout the world, so are the threats that target even the most basic mobile phones. Today there are said to be over 800 million mobile users worldwide which has the mobile community knocking on the door of becoming a billion person user group. With all of those people using mobile phones, the interconnectivity of the mobile community is phenomenal. That interconnectivity is wonderful for keeping in touch on the go, but it also opens our world to an interesting vulnerability. As we all enjoy growing our contacts list with new friends, peers, and colleagues we can not help but open our phones to the vulnerability of a mobile threat. Consider the old “seven degrees of separation” principle and it is amazing how connected we all are through mobile technology.

As a mobile security professional, I can not help but view the world as flat. The standard design elements of mobile threats are so congruent throughout the world that every mobile user could be subject to a pandemic like attack if the right threat were introduced. From what I see everyday in mobile security, I still think developers are years away from that kind of advance but the elements exist nonetheless. I admittedly say “threats” generally as there are any number of growing mobile intruders that can be classified as a mobile threat. My view of the flattened world of mobile security is also fueled by my understanding that while it may only take one threat, a person can also take a few steps of precautionary measure to defend against such things. The primary defense one should take is investing in a good padlock to the front door of your mobile device. By padlock I am referring to a mobile security solution with antivirus/firewall protection. Essentially the world is flattened by our interconnectivity and the fact that all mobile devices share common characteristics regardless of ones global position.

While the mobile terrain may be flat, it is an individual decision to stand around to absorb incoming fire or to take a more tactical position. Again the Marine Corps training comes out in me, but it doesn’t take advanced military training to figure out that mobile security is a vulnerability that we all face. I started MyMobiSafe.com to protect all mobile users from the lurking dangers that thrive in a mobile environment. Along with every other wireless user I felt vulnerable to the growing list of threats and I wanted a reliable line of defense. We deigned MyMobiSafe® as a mobile security solution compatible with virtually all mobile phones. Our vision was to bring mobile security to all; our result has flattened the world of mobile security.

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