MySpace to hold mock presidential election

January virtual vote to give real candidates tool to gauge popularity among U.S. users, despite age, of the gigantic social network.
Written by Dawn Kawamoto, Contributor
MySpace.com announced on Tuesday plans to hold a virtual presidential election.

The mock election, to be held January 1 and 2, will be open to all MySpace users who reside in the United States, regardless of voting eligibility in the government-run election in November 2008.

Although the MySpace votes won't count for the official election, results compiled from the News Corp. social-networking site's millions of members may help candidates gauge their potential success in real voting booths next year. They also may provide a glimpse into overall public sentiment for the politicians.

"Iowa and New Hampshire may be selecting delegates, but the MySpace vote will be the first test of where candidates stand in the election year," MySpace President Tom Anderson said in a statement.

Prior to holding its mock online election, MySpace plans to conduct virtual straw polls of its members. The results of these polls and the virtual primary results will be posted on MySpace's Impact channel.

The channel, launched last month, aims to serve as an online hub for the 2008 elections, housing the MySpace profiles of such presidential candidates as Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama.

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