NB Day wrap-up: "It's all about James"

"JavaOne is on track for being stupidly fun this year," according to James Gosling at the closing session of NetBeans Day.
Written by Ed Burnette, Contributor

Just before an earlier talk today I overheard one of the conference organizers talking to the next presenter. The talks were running a little late and threatened to cut into the closing keynote. "We're 15 minutes behind," she said, "and it's all about James".

James Gosling


That's a good summary of the final keynote today at NetBeans day with James Gosling. During the session, Mr. Gosling handed out awards to several members of the NetBeans community, bantered with Tools director Tim Cramer and EVP Rich Green, and shared a few words of wisdom about Java and NetBeans. Rich portrayed him as "the leader of Java and the driving force behind NetBeans". And Tim kidded, "We all work for you, James".

James Gosling had a lot of nice things to say about the SavaJe device, which is the first Java-powered phone to support JSR 209, This JSR covers "all the important parts you want from Java SE". He said there would be a demo of developing an application for the SavaJe device using Matisse on Friday morning.

Take-away quotes:

"JavaOne is on track for being stupidly fun this year."
"These days it feels like the dot com era again, except people actually have business plans with positive numbers in them."

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