NBA video highlight mixer: Fans are in control!

AT NBA.com, fans (users) are really in control, of their own “NBA movie”!
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor

AT NBA.com, fans (users) are really in control, of their own “NBA movie”!

Get media, mix movies, share, the NBA Fan Voice declares. Steve Grimes, Vice President of Interactive Services for NBA Entertainment:

The NBA.com Highlight Mixer provides our fans with easy-to-use editing tools along with the broadest selection and highest quality of NBA highlights on the Internet. Beginning with video clips from the exciting 2007 NBA All-Star Game, our fans will be able to develop custom NBA video highlight reels of their favorite teams and players throughout the season.

The “Create Your Own Video Highlight Mix” is one of the interactive features available through the NBA Fan Voice, an online “club,” or social network, for basketball fans: 

Jump into the action at Fan Voice, the official NBA.com fan forum. Fan Voice is our online version of sports talk radio, where you get to express your opinions on the games of the day. Your opinion counts, so be ready to defend it!


Create a custom profile with cool NBA content that expresses your love of the game. It's the place to connect with other NBA fans and make new friends who share your interests. Come in, create your profile, post your own game recaps, discuss your fantasy strategy…


Using Eyespot's white label technology platform for video editing and remixing, NBA Fan Voice invites fans to “mix and mash the latest highlights from your favorite NBA teams and players”:

Your free account includes tons of free video, photos, and music. Interact with the community, collaborate, and share your best mixes with your friends.

Fan galleries showcase the “fans are in control” NBA video mashups by NBA team, player and basketball theme: NBA Dunks, NBA 3 Points, NBA Buzzer Beaters… 


For example: Want to “Show LJ what you got”? Put your Fan Voice LJ mixes in the Lebron James NBA Video Mixer Group, and join the dozens who already have. 

The Lebron James NBA Highlight Mixer Group was created about six weeks ago at the NBA Fan Voice. LJ fan traction to date: 10,991 members, 11,954 views, 201 “fans are in control” movies.

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