NBN Co begins weekly rollout updates

Less than a day after removing existing rollout information from its website, NBN Co has begun publishing weekly updates on the status of the broadband network rollout.
Written by Josh Taylor, Contributor

NBN Co has begun publishing weekly updates on the status of the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN), revealing that 35,000 premises have been passed by the fibre network since the federal election.

Late last night, the company removed all information about premises that could expect construction to commence in their area in the next three years, instead disclosing information only about areas where construction is already underway and areas that are ready for service.

NBN Co did not comment on the sudden change, but this afternoon announced that it would begin its shift from quarterly updates on the progress of the rollout to weekly updates.

As per the statement of intentions from Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull, the update (PDF) now includes information on premises passed, and those that can't yet connect to the NBN, but are still counted as being passed, such as apartment blocks or shopping centres.

The company confirmed today that construction is underway for around 300,000 premises. NBN Co chairman Dr Ziggy Switkowski said that the move to weekly reporting would increase scrutiny on the project.

"The publication of the weekly metrics and clearer maps is a first step in providing for increased scrutiny and transparency of NBN Co and its activities," he said.

As of Sunday, NBN Co reported that there were 107,230 active services on the NBN, up from 70,100 at the end of June. A total of 62,242 of the 107,230 users were accessing the NBN over the fibre network, with 41,482 on the interim satellite service, and 3,506 on the fixed-wireless service.

Since the end of June, the network has passed another 107,864 premises, up from 234,799 to 342,663.

In existing housing areas, a total of 229,398 premises are now passed by fibre, up from 163,515 at the end of June, and from 206,214 on the day after the federal election in September. A total of 70,686 of those premises currently cannot order a service, but this is down from a peak of 73,506 at the end of September.

The NBN has now passed 66,551 new housing premises.

NBN Co said that variation in the data from week to week can come as a result of validation of address data, and said that the build has been impacted by mobilisation issues and the halt on duct and pit remediation as a result of the asbestos issue.

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