NBN strategic review: By the numbers

The details of NBN Co's strategic review will be pored over for the next few days, but these are the basic numbers that NBN Co has compiled comparing the different policies.
Written by Josh Taylor, Contributor

The release of NBN Co's strategic review puts the company on the path for a massive change in the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN), but the justification for the proposed changes have relied on a re-estimation of the current project. ZDNet has compared the new figures with those NBN Co prepared prior to the election.

Prior to the election, NBN Co was preparing a new corporate plan detailing the current state of the network rollout, and an indication of the expected cost for the network.

The table below contains the information contained in the leaked draft compared to the information NBN Co released today of the revised forecast and the new proposed NBN plan.

  2013 draft NBN Co Corporate Plan
Post-election FttP Revised Forecast
New NBN plan
93 percent FttP 93 percent FttP 28 percent HFC; 24 percent FttP; and 41 percent FttN
Fixed-line premises passed by June 2016
3.5 million brownfield premises 1.7 million brownfields premises 1.3 million on FttP in total; 550,000 on fibre to the node; 2.6 million on HFC
Peak funding AU$45.6 billion AU$73 billion AU$41 billion
Operating expenditure AU$26.4 billion AU$23 billion AU$27 billion
Capital expenditure
AU$37.4 billion AU$43 billion AU$30 billion
Revenue at completion date
AU$21.7 billion AU$10 billion AU$18 billion
Completion date
December 2021 June 2024 2020
Download speeds
Up to 1Gbps on fibre; 25Mbps on wireless/satellite by 2021 Up to 1Gbps on fibre; 25Mbps on wireless/satellite by 2024 43 percent to get 25Mbps by 2016; 91 percent to get 50Mbps by 2021; 65-75 percent to get 100Mbps by 2019

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has already moved to distance the government from the corporate plan prepared by NBN Co prior to the election, stating that the NBN Co strategic review found that staff and executives working on the project were overly optimistic in their assumptions.

Stay tuned to ZDNet for additional coverage of the NBN Co strategic review tomorrow.

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