NEC displays 61-inch monitor

Now you can get the entire A-Z of London on one screen, or just watch Gladiator
Written by Matthew Broersma, Contributor

NEC has teamed up with graphics chipmaker Nvidia to produce the industry's largest mass-produced flat-panel monitor, the 61in PlasmaSync 61 MP1, which will go on sale in Japan on 23 July. NEC hopes to sell 8,000 of the units by March 2002, primarily aiming at the education and business markets.

Besides offices and schools, the monitor could appeal to those looking to display large, high-resolution CAD images, surveillance workers and even home users, NEC says. It is about the size of four 32in CRT monitors.

The PlasmaSync 61 MP1, which replaces 50-inch monitors as the largest of its ilk, will be on display at the Infocomm exhibitions in the US, 13-15 June, and Japan, 29-31 August. Pricing was not immediately available.

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