Need friends? FakeYourSpace.com to the rescue

The pitch: You might not get hired if you don't have awesome online friends. But stock photo agency that provides the 'friends' says FakeYourSpace is violating their terms.
Written by ZDNET Editors, Contributor

Are you a new job seeker who spent more time studying in school than cultivating friends on Facebook or MySpace? Not to worry. Now there is a new site for people who need to fake their popularity, reports the New York Times.

Everyone knows that employers just might do some of their background research by logging on to a prospective employee's personal profile on social networking sites. Will it hurt your chances of getting hired if you don't have many good-looking friends?

For only 99 cents per month, FakeYourSpace.com offers users social networking sites a way to enhance their page with photographs and comments from attractive models.

The idea is "to turn cyberlosers into social-networking magnets," said David Walker who runs the site from his San Diego home with two employees. FakeYourSpace says it does not post any messages that are threatening, pornographic or illegal.

But the FakeYourSpace has hit a copyright violation snag. iStockPhoto.com, the company that provides the photos said its licensing agreement did not allow Web sites to post photos that might lead the average person to "think that the model endorses" the product, Web site or person in question.

FakeYourSpace has taken down the photos and is searching for models through agency and online auditions to replace those that had been provided by iStockPhoto.

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