Net population to hit 5 billion by 2025

Governments and businesses must start planning for the increase over the next five years to ensure success for this future.
Written by Tyler Thia, Contributor

In 2025, the world's Internet population will hit 5 billion users with a market worth US$3 trillion, according to a new report, where its author calls for governments and businesses to start planning over the next five years to ensure success for this future.

Conducted by Cisco Systems and the Monitor Group's Global Business Network, the report sets out scenarios and premises to examine the driving forces and uncertainties that will shape the path of the Internet over the next 15 years.

According to the study, come 2025, most of the growth in Internet-related markets will come from emerging economies and outside of today's "high income" advanced economies. The report also noted that global governance of the Internet will remain unchanged, and "digital natives" will relate to the Internet very differently than earlier generations. In addition, the traditional keyboard will no longer be the primary interface of the Web.a that was encrypted by the server, as well as read data from files on the target server.

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