NetApp updates its SANtricity OS, targets analytics workloads

The company's storage operating system adds performance improvements for Splunk, Hadoop and NoSQL workloads.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

NetApp on Tuesday said it has released a new version of its SANtricity storage operating system with the aim of speeding up analytics workloads.

The release of SANtricity, which powers the storage vendor's EF Series all-flash and E-Series storage arrays, is designed to improve performance of Splunk, Hadoop and NoSQL workloads.

Storage vendors are increasingly pitching all-flash arrays with the aim of garnering big data workloads. NetApp's move highlights how storage vendors are trying to ride the analytics wave be speeding up performance.

NetApp said it is using proactive monitoring, automation and configurations for high-throughput apps to boost performance. According to NetApp, the latest SANtricity can boost Splunk search performance by 69 percent compared to commodity servers with internal disk.

The company also said Hadoop performance is boosted via data rebuilding processes with its Dynamic Disk Pool technology. Other enhancements are designed to reconstruct solid-state drives for NoSQL databases faster and improve tiering and encryption.

NetApp added that it will work with tech distributor Arrow to preconfigure and validate bundles designed for Splunk deployments in enterprises.

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