NetCel360 invests in Halcyon Software

NetCel360 expands web application and integration capabilities with investment in Halcyon Software Inc. Find out how this will strengthen web services capabilities for e-Business clients across Asia.
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HONG KONG - NetCel360 Holdings Limited, the pan-Asian e-Business Service Provider (eSP), announced today that it has expanded its Web Services by making a strategic investment in Halcyon Software Inc., a San Jose-based Web application and integration company. The deal enables NetCel360 to leverage Halcyon's expertise and resources in Web application development, implementation, integration and support services to expand its portfolio of Web services to its clients.

Founder and Chairman of NetCel360, Phil Kelly said, "To operate effectively in today's web-based environment, companies are seeking flexible e-Business technology solutions that tie together their legacy and web-based systems.

By investing in Halcyon, which has a proven track record in Web-based application development NetCel360 can offer clients a comprehensive range of conversion and migration solutions. NetCel360 enables companies to seamlessly integrate their various e-Business technology components, in addition to operating their e-Business infrastructure and providing back-end support services."

The investment in Halcyon will complement NetCel360's Web services offerings, enabling clients to maximize the interoperability of their applications by providing a suite of solutions that allows businesses to migrate their legacy and Web-based applications between Microsoft and other applications on the server side.
Managed by NetCel360 as part of a client engagement, Halcyon adds value to NetCel360's clients with its application-integration expertise, and e-business applications know-how - utilizing leading-edge technologies and industry standards such as Java, EJB, JSP, ASP, COM+, Corba, and XML running across multiple technology platforms. Moreover, Halcyon has strong capabilities in the areas of quality assurance and software testing.
"Halcyon creates innovative technology to permit trouble-free enterprise application migration and deployment across multiple, disparate computing platforms. This complements NetCel360's suite of Web and system integration services to provide clients with time and cost-effective e-Business solutions. NetCel360 is forward-looking and innovative and both Halcyon and NetCel360 will greatly benefit from this strategic investment," said Don Hsi, President and CEO of Halcyon Software Inc.

Through this partnership, Halcyon can leverage NetCel360 as a regional partner to expand its e-Business capabilities and services. It also will allow Halcyon to grow their strong existing client base that currently includes Apple, AT&T, Boeing, IBM, Sun and Symantec. In return, NetCel360 will provide complete e-business services such as Consulting, Market Research, Web Services, Customer Relationship Management and Customer Contact Services, Financial Services, Logistics and Field Services to Halcyon's clients.

About Halcyon Software
Halcyon Software, of San Jose, CA, was founded in 1990 and is privately held. Employing over 150 developers, Halcyon specializes in services, consulting, and product development, with expertise in Java and extensive experience with cross-platform application migration and development. Halcyon specializes in Visual Basic (VB) and ASP to Java migration, Middleware integration, web-enabling legacy applications as well as cutting-edge e-commerce development.

About NetCel360
Founded in 1999, NetCel360 is a pan-Asian eSP, providing a broad range of e-Business services to multinationals, Internet companies and Asian enterprises operating across Asia-Pacific.

NetCel360 service offerings include: Consulting and Market Research, Web Services, Customer Relationship Management, including a Customer Contact Center, Financial Services, Logistics and Field Services.

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