NetMotion Software announces Aware update, Mobility key to remote work policy

NetMotion is designed to help IT manage and optimize mobile workers so the new Aware release enhances security while reducing risk to the company and the remote worker.

Top marks for remote management

While working inside the walls of a business it is easy to maintain secure connections, but its still the Wild West when workers go remote and access company networks on the go. NetMotion Software announced its new "Aware" release that includes dynamic web filtering enhancements to secure and manage mobile worker access to web applications and domains across any network.

As traffic levels, home prices, and business costs increase in Seattle, my engineering firm started exploring remote work policies and technologies last year. We deployed the NetMotion Mobility solution a few months ago and it has proven to be reliable and key to the success of our remote work policy.

We recently had a snowstorm in Washington that shut down roads and offices for a few days, but thanks to NetMotion Mobility our productivity remained high with engineers working from home, libraries, coffee shops, shared workspaces, and other locations around the country and the world.

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We used to have a standard VPN solution and it seemed like every other time I used it I would have to find the email with specific setup instructions and remap network drives to try to get work done. Needless to say, a lot of time was wasted using the old VPN solution and that solution also did not offer IT much in the way of control.

With NetMotion Mobility, my Surface Pro 6 connects to our work network as soon as I get a wireless connection setup and then every drive shows up without any other steps. It's truly a wonderful way to work and has been reliable for months.


Image: NetMotion Software

This new Aware release adds the following:

  • Dynamic web filtering provides awareness and controls access to unsanctioned domains and websites, ensuring worker security and productivity
  • Full visibility into the web resources accessed by users, devices, and applications
  • Enforce security and compliance policies for any network
  • Biometric authentication enhancements including facial recognition for increased user & device security
  • Japanese localization for multinational customers using Mobile IQ

Given that we have remote workers using our company network from at least five different states and Australia, the Aware release should enhance our security and help IT continue to enforce security policies.