Netscape profit suggests stamina

Netscape has posted another good quarter, suggesting it is winning over corporates despite Microsoft's unmissable shadow.

The Californian firm had revenues of $115 million for its October-December fourth quarter, compared to $41.6 million a year ago. Profits were $8.8 million, up from $511,000 a year ago.

International sales constituted a healthy 36 per cent of revenues.

PCDN Comment: More than just another set of financials, this quarter will do much to silence pundits who considered Netscape toast when Microsoft got serious about the Internet. Netscape has a firm foothold in the corporate world with clients, servers and services, and its international spread is remarkable for such a young company. Whatever, Microsoft achieves in terms of market share, Netscape has the makings of a strong, consistently profitable company in its own right.