New 3rd party enterprise applications for Palm

Sutherland Technologies has rolled out a smart card editor (SMARTclip)|as well as 3 solutions to run on the Palm-OS platform.
Written by Samuel Quek, Contributor

SINGAPORE, 20 July 2000 - Palm users will soon be able to read and write to their smart cards with their Palm-based devices.

Sutherland's smart card editor for Palm

Sutherland Technologies has previewed their SMARTclip product, a clip-on device that supports major smart card standards including GEMPLUS and MPCOS-EMV.

The clip-on weighs 80g and will be available commercially within the next 2 months at an estimated retail price of US$120.

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Uses for the SMARTclip include electronic monetary transactions, identification, controlled access to databases as well as others.

Sutherland has also launched three new proprietary wireless applications designed and developed for the Palm OS platform.

Bon-appet.it is a food and beverage order processing system, that uses an icon driven interface, centrally managed administration and storage of data, and an integrated billing system.

ORDERcentral is a multi-user platform that supports Oracle and SQL, and functions as a sales, accounting, and inventory processing system for resource, inventory and database management. The system allows for on-the-spot signatures as well as a reporting system.

OMNIassist was designed for business helpdesks, call centers, or information services such as IT banking and telecommunications industries. It functions as a service and support management application, and can be customized for different business models.

Sutherland has also recently set up 8 infra-red Internet access kiosks at Changi International Airport, for IR connected Palm and laptop users.

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