New AI technology takes the guesswork out of influencer marketing campaigns

The release of the Social Intelligence platform means that brands will be able to form their go-to-market influencer strategies based on AI predictions.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Marketers want to be able to effectively analyze past data and predict the success of future influencer-based marketing campaigns - before they happen. But it is difficult to predict the outcome of a campaign using influencers, and many budget holders are reluctant to commit.

With fake likes and comments flooding tools like Instagram, brands are cautious about selecting the wrong type of influencer, even though influencer marketing drives sales for brands.

AI has scaled influencer marketing into a credible media channel.

Los Angeles-based Influencer platform Influential has launched its new technology platform, aimed at social brands.

Its Social Intelligence technology examines factors such as psychographic and contextual relevancy so that brands can identify their audience, profile and personality on social.

Psychographics enable marketers to determine factors like brand relevancy, micro segmentation, and social share of voice metrics for analytics.

Augmented intelligence is also used to enable brands to analyze current video content.

The company matches brands with influencers to encourage the most successful social campaigns for its brand clients. It uses augmented intelligence, and machine learning, to produce a 'scoring system' for the influencer and their relevance to a particular brand.

Brands want to find the most relevant influencers who can connect with their audiences. Influential's technology aims to disrupt the influencer marketing space by being able to predict the future outcomes of influencer campaigns.

An AI program can convert marketing leads to sales, so it is important to ensure the right influencers are used in each campaign.

Influential's AI enabled influencer marketing platform is backed by IBM Watson and matches brands with the most relevant influencers by personality traits and archetypes. Over 100,000 influencers use its app, enabling the company to track their social messages.

Ryan Detert, Founder and CEO of Influential said: "We are entering new territory in demonstrating how working with influencers is another type of media buy, just like your traditional TV spot, or mobile ad" campaign.

Measuring the success of influencer marketing is a huge challenge which can be insurmountable for brands.

Any technology which allows brands to predict the future, is bound to gain traction with the budget holders. The only wild card is the influencers themselves.

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