New Apple TV to be iTV running iOSTV?

The latest rumors are putting a refreshed Apple TV on the market for under $99 in September. Will you pick one up?
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor on

If you believe the latest rumors, there's a new set-top box coming to town next month. The box, the iTV, will come from Apple and will finally be a refresh of the Apple TV.

So far the iTV sounds like it's going to deliver everything that people have been waiting for, complete with the ability to use iOS apps, since it will run Apple's iOS. The highlights include what's being dubbed as iOS TV applications, which will be apps specifically designed for use on the TV, a la carte stations, picture and video sharing via MobileMe, and more. The kicker is that the iTV will sell for around $99.

Kevin Rose is the man behind many Apple rumors, and this one definitely does seem to be credible. You can read more about it in his blog entry.

If the iTV does in fact become a reality you can count me in for buying the first generation. For starters, I have two MacBooks in the house, iPhones, iPod touches, an iPad--basically, I'm an i-Geek! Seriously though, the iTV, as rumored, will finally unify all of the things that I do on my phone, iPad and computer, and for a great price, too. I own an Apple TV and even with Boxee, it just didn't do what I wanted. The iTV does seem like it will finally deliver everything, including the kitchen sink.

Is the rumored iTV on your buy list?

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