New BlackBerry 6 video shows off improved user interface

The BlackBerry operating system is a bit dated when compared to the flashy iOS and Android OS, but this latest BB 6 video shows it will be getting much better this fall. Are you looking forward to new BlackBerry devices and this latest operating system or have you moved on to something else?
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

It has been quite some time since I wrote about BlackBerry so I was pleased to read a new blog entry from Andrew Bocking, VP of Handheld Software Product Management at RIM that included a new video (embedded below) of BlackBerry 6 in action. I personally do not use BlackBerry devices on a regular basis because the SIM card requires special provisioning and I do not have a BES at work to sync Exchange to a BlackBerry. I do find them to be very good smartphones, especially if you are a front facing QWERTY fan and I may get one when BlackBerry 6 is launched.

As you can see in the video the user interface is improved in the next software release and you will find a redesigned home screen, universal search, context-senstive pop-up menus (always something that bugged me about the inconsistent menu system on BB devices), much improved WebKit-based browser, and new social networking applications and integration. Much of what we see here we see on iOS and Google Android devices, which IMHO is a good thing since RIM excels at security and many companies still issue BlackBerry devices for control and standardization across the company so maybe fewer people will have to carry multiple devices or try to bring in their own device.

It will be interesting to see what existing phones support the BB 6 update (should be coming this Fall) and what RIM's plans are moving forward for touchscreen devices. Are you looking forward to BlackBerry 6 or have you moved on to the iPhone or Android platform?

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