New BlackBerry 8800 holster offers "proximity sensor"

Hmm. Proximity sensor BlackBerry holster technology.
Written by Russell Shaw, Contributor
Hmm. Proximity sensor BlackBerry holster technology. Sounds promising. So let's delve, K?

Over at our sister site CNET, reviewer Marin Perez writes what he thinks about this new leather swivel holster for the BlackBerry 8800.

"Most BlackBerrys are too big for pockets, so a case can be a great way to make your device portable," Marin writes. "This leather swivel holster is sleek and stylish, and it has a built-in proximity sensor that detects when your BlackBerry is in place. It then shuts off the display automatically to help maximize battery life."
It isn't available yet, but should be soon. At that point, we'll be sure of the price. 
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