New edition of iPad-only magazine, Sideways, now available

Sideways is a magazine publication designed for the Apple iPad and in this month's edition you will find a couple of articles from me to enjoy. Do you think an iPad-only magazine is a good idea and what do you think of the content?
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I bought the first Sideways issue in June when it launched on the iPad and enjoyed this $3.99 iPad-only magazine. The editor then coincidentally contacted me about possibly writing articles and contributing to the magazine so I submitted a couple of articles that you can now read in the latest issue, Sideways 10.07. I thought it was an interesting approach to publishing where the magazine was created just for the large color display and connectivity of the iPad where you can view photos, follow hyperlinks, check out video content, and more while enjoying written articles. This is a monthly publication with music and game reviews scheduled for weekly updates.

In this issue you will find my articles on AT&T's iPad pricing plans and changes and traveling outside the US with your iPad and iPhone. Other articles include organic shopping, summer festivals, places that ban the iPad, tips on getting the most from your device, and more. I am open to ideas you readers have for articles you would like to see me write for the publication too so feel free to leave a comment or send me an email with your ideas. So, do you think an iPad-only magazine is a good idea?

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