New global task force to fight spam

A global taskforce has been set up to tackle the growing problem of junk e-mails.
Written by Andy McCue, Contributor
A global taskforce has been set up to bring together regional efforts at tackling the growing problem of spam email.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which includes most of the world's industrialised countries, claims the taskforce will marshal government and business anti-spam initiatives, in one of the most comprehensive and strategic efforts to date.

Key objectives of the OECD anti-spam group include co-ordinating international policy responses in the fight against spam, encouraging best practices in industry and business, promoting enhanced technical measures to combat spam along with improved awareness and understanding among consumers.

The OECD claims the initiative will also support efforts to facilitate cross-border law enforcement.

The taskforce has been given two years to develop and promote an anti-spam "tool-kit" with practical anti-spam strategies and to devise a public awareness campaign to support a global crackdown on junk email.

An international workshop will be held in Korea in September as part of the group's work.

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