New IBM servers powered by silicon-on-insulator technology

IBM is beginning volume shipments of the new line of AS/400e servers|powered by the world's first production microchips made of silicon-on-insulator (SOI) transistors and copper wiring.
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IBM's new line of AS/400e servers will be powered by the world's first production microchips using silicon-on-insulator (SOI) transistors and copper wiring.

28 July 2000 (Manilla Bulletin) - IBM is beginning volume shipments of its new AS/400e business servers.

Demonstrating early momentum, more than 200 customers already are using the leading transaction servers to increase their productivity and take advantage of new ebusiness and business-to-business solutions.

The new servers allow mid-market customers to improve their productivity by dramatically reducing transaction-processing time. The 24-way IBM AS/400e Model 840 is 3.6 times faster than the previous generation of AS/400 servers.

IBM AS/400e servers also allow customers to run highly complex core business applications, as well as applications associated with front-end Internet-based solutions - such as supply chain management, customer relationship management, serverside Java, Domino and business intelligence.

"The AS/400e 840's high-end scalability is comparable to that of both Unix and mainframe servers, and the AS/400e has demonstrated in the past that ... it delivers in customer business-critical applications the scalability that it promises in benchmarks," said Wayne Kernochan, Senior Vice President of AberdeenGroup.

The AS/400e Model 840 is number one in four benchmarks: TPCC, NotesBench, SPECjbb2000 and VolanoMark - outperforming servers from Compaq, Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems. For example, the AS/400e Model 840 set a new record in the Transaction Processing Performance Council's TPC-C benchmark, performing a record 152,346.25 transactions per minute.

In addition, the Model 840 also set a new world record for Lotus Domino scalability and performance, handling 75,000 concurrent NotesBench R5 Mail Users with an average response time of 276 milliseconds.

SAP AG, the market leader in inter-enterprise software solutions, has successfully completed certification tests for Version 4 Release 5 of OS/400, the AS/400 operating system. With general availability, OS/400 V4R5 is available for use with SAP kernel releases 4.6C, 4.5B, 4.0B and 3.1I.

"mySAP.com solutions will run on the latest AS/400 processor line at general availability," said Stephan Rossius, Director of Global Partner Programs for IBM, SAP AG.

"AS/400 is one of SAP's strategic platform lines for SAP R/3, with more than 900 customers worldwide running mySAP.com solutions on the AS/400. SAP expects continued growth in the future and therefore continues its investment in this platform by dedicating substantial resources to porting, marketing and supporting SAP R/3 on AS/400."

General availability for the new server line is July 28.

The new models include a powerful entry server - the AS/400e Model 270 - designed to give small to medium businesses four times the performance of its predecessor, and new AS/400 Dedicated Servers for Domino, designed to run multiple Lotus Domino applications, including email, Web serving and customer relationship management applications.

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