New images from One World Trade Center

As the nation's tallest tower surpasses the Empire State building, generations of iron workers reflect.
Written by Sonya James, Contributor

One World Trade Center reached 100 stories this week. For the workers building the nation's tallest tower, completing the final stories represents more than a job well done.

“It’s a part of history. It’s a part of rebuilding you know, part of putting lives back together to show people that the spirit won’t be broken,” said Marvin Davis, the general foreman at the World Trade Center.

As part of a long lineage of Mohawk Indians who have shaped New York City's skyline, Davis' words resonate on more than one level.

“It’s a fortress. It’s a better built building than I’ve been on ever,” Davis told NBC.  “With the concrete and the steel, you know, both of them together combined, you know, this thing is, I think is impenetrable.”

John Makely of MSNBC put out an interactive panoramic image from the 69th floor of One World Trade Center. Now taller than the Empire State building, the tower offers the only view of Manhattan of it's kind.

Click here to view the 180 degree view and new images from the inside the tower.

Electrician Victor Rosario having lunch on the 35th floor overlooking the 9/11 Memorial:

[via John Makely at MSNBC; Rock Center]

Images: John Makely

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