New iPad operates "well within thermal specifications"

Apple has issued a statement distancing itself from claims that the new iPad gets warm, or too hot.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Since people began getting their hands on the new iPad last Friday, many have complained that the new iPad becomes overly warm in use.

Reports of the iPad getting hot in use seem to be sporadic. Over on the Apple discussion forums, there are some owners who claim their iPad becomes warm "to a very uncomfortable level" or even "fry an egg hot in the middle". Others claim that there are no heat issues whatsoever.

Apple has issued a statement to AllThingsD saying that delivers all the benefits of the Retina display screen, A5X processor and LTE while "operating well within our thermal specifications."

The area that most people seem to complain about getting hot is the lower-left hand side of the device in portrait mode. This is the side opposite to the logic board featuring the dual-core A5X CPU with a quad-core GPU, and the only major components in that area are the screen and battery, which covers most of the device).


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