New map reveals how much every country’s top YouTuber earns

YouTube is projected to make $5.5 billion in ad revenue this year alone in the US and creators worldwide are grabbing a slice of the pie.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

You can find almost anything on YouTube, and some vloggers are generating huge amounts of money for posting their videos to the platform.

From make-up tutorials to unboxing toys, comedy to gaming, some of those making huge amounts of money are as young as just six years old.

Houston, TX-based finance company Accredited Debt Relief has researched every country's most popular YouTuber and how much money they make online. YouTubers make money from advertisements shown within their content.

In May 2020, it used statistical websites Social Blade and Vidooly to find out which YouTuber in each country has the most subscribers. It also used Banner Tag to find average daily views and estimated how much each channel was earning using the Noxinfluencer site.

Some of the results are staggering. In the US, the most popular YouTuber actually based in the US is a six-year-old Russian-American named Anastasia Radzinskaya, who has the YouTube handle Like Nastya.

New map reveals how much every country’s top YouTuber earns zdnet
Accredited Debt Relief

The Like Nastya kids channel has 59.1 million subscribers and averaged 74.9 million views per day, earning the channel creators $7.73 million per month. That is around $257.8K per day.

In Saudi Arabia, video blogger mmoshaya has 17.9 million people who subscribe to his entertainment channel. His currently estimated monthly earrings are $913.3K -- $30.4K per day on average.

New map reveals how much every country’s top YouTuber earns zdnet
Accredited Debt Relief

In England, the PewDiePie Entertainment channel leads the list for subscriber love. PewDiePie is a Swedish influencer based in England with a channel registered in the US. The channel has 105 million subscribers and earns about $1.16 million per month on average.

The most popular gaming YouTuber in the study is Ireland's Jacksepticeye, who has 24.3 million subscribers. He pulls in almost $1 million per month.

Libya's top YouTuber is also a gamer. King GTA, Belaid Soleitani, tends to narrate scenes from Grand Theft Auto. He has over 800K subscribers, and probably earns $706.31 per day thanks to an advertising CPM (cost per 1,000 views) of 2.56.

So, if you have a channel and a few thousand subscribers, you might wonder how your earnings are calculated.

To get an approximate figure, try the Noxinfluencer YouTube Money Calculator, which takes the average views and number of subscribers of a YouTube channel to estimate how much money it makes from ads per thousand views.

You earn a lot less than you might think you can. So to get to this level of regular income from YouTube takes a heck of a lot of dedication and very hard work. You do need to be a whizz with a video camera, too.

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