New Outlook for iOS released: Optimize your time on the go

Microsoft continues to update its compelling software suite for iOS devices and the latest update to Outlook is designed to help you get things done faster.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

While I enjoy using iOS devices, like the iPhone XR, I cannot stand the Apple email app so have the Gmail app for personal accounts and Outlook for my business accounts. Outlook for iOS is a fantastic application and today Microsoft announced an update to make it even better.

The first thing you may notice with this new version of Outlook for iOS is the updated icons that extend the Office 365 experience. Microsoft states, "When you swipe right or left on an email, subtle changes in color, shape, and iconography unfold. The corners of the message transform from hard-edged to soft and round, metaphorically pulling that item away from the message list and sending it where you want it to go-with haptic feedback."

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Microsoft is working to optimize the time spent on your phone with Outlook while also improving visual effects. There are bold colors, an animated calendar icon, and instant in-app notices for calendar conflicts. The calendar improvements with the ability to slide your event around on the calendar to find a time that is good for all attendees looks fantastic. Imagine creating a meeting notice with such ease.

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There are three mobile-first design principles that Microsoft follows:

  1. Deliver uncompromised craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  2. Create fast and focused experiences.
  3. Provide key context at a glance.

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