The very best tablets to buy in 2019

Whether you're looking for a tablet just to watch videos on, or one to replace your laptop -- 2019 has brought a lot of options.


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A good tablet is something that should have a long battery life, a respectable selection of apps and services, and be more than just a screen to watch YouTube videos. Apple has dominated the tablet conversation for years with its iPad line, but it's not the only company with a tablet that's worthy of making our top tablets of 2019 list. 

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Below is a list of 10 tablets, in random order, that are designed to fit specific needs and budgets. Whether you're looking for a cheap device for your kids or something that can effectively replace a computer, there's a tablet for everyone. 

Some of the best tablets of 2019

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Apple iPad for $329

Apple updated the design of its base iPad for the first time in a decade, increasing the display size to 10.2-inches and adding support for its Smart Keyboard Cover. With the optional keyboard, you can use the iPad to work through your inbox or write a research paper on a device that's compact and portable. The latest iPad also supports the Apple Pencil for those who want something to jot notes or sketch on. 



Amazon Fire HD 10 for $150

Amazon's Fire tablets run the company's forked version of Android, complete with Amazon's services baked right in. The Fire HRD 10 is affordable, faster than ever, and doubles as an Echo, with Alexa awaiting your commands. I've been testing one for the past few weeks and have been impressed. The Fire HD 10 is perfect for someone who wants to browse the internet, watch videos, or check email without spending a ton of money. 


Image: Samsung

Samsung Tab S6 for $650

Samsung's Tab S6 runs Android, integrates with Samsung's products and services, and includes an S-Pen in the box. Samsung has an optional keyboard accessory for those who want to get some work done, and with expandable storage, those who want to be entertained on the go can store up to an additional 512GB of movies and music. 


Image: Microsoft

Microsoft Surface Go for $390

The Surface Go wasn't released this year, but it's still an affordable tablet option for Windows fans. The 10-inch display works with the Surface Pen, and there's an optional Surface Go Signature Type cover that adds a keyboard to the Surface Go. The tablet runs Windows 10 in S Mode, but you can opt for the full Windows 10 experience. 


Image: Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

Apple iPad Pro for $800

For someone who wants to push the limits of what an iPad can do, the iPad Pro is the only choice. With a unique design, USB-C for charging and connecting external storage (as well as up to a 4K monitor), the iPad Pro is as good as it gets when it comes to a tablet. There's an 11-inch model along with a 12.9-inch model for those who want more space to get more work done. 


Image: Amazon

Amazon Fire 7 for $50

For someone who needs a really inexpensive tablet to entertain kids or something to keep in the kitchen for quick recipe references, the Fire 7 will get the job done. Don't expect it to be blazing fast, but it will undoubtedly get the job done for routine tasks or even basic gaming. You can also use Alexa hands-free with the Fire 7, meaning it can double as a makeshift Amazon Echo device. And for $50, it's pretty attractive. 


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Microsoft Surface Pro X for $999

The Surface Pro X is the like aforementioned Surface Go, only bigger and more powerful. It runs full Windows 10 out of the box but is limited to 32-bit apps. That means unless you rely on CAD software, and some select third-party apps, you won't have any issues using the Pro X. It has built-in LTE connectivity, a 13-inch display, and is just 7.3mm thin. There's even a special compartment in the optional keyboard to hide the Surface Pen -- it's pretty cool


Image: Apple

Apple iPad Air for $500

The iPad Air is a tablet that straddles the line between the base model iPad and the iPad Pro. It has a 10.5-inch display, along with Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil support. It's also priced between the two tablets, with the specifications to match. The Air is perfect for someone who wants to push the limits of what the base iPad can do but feels the iPad Pro is overkill. 


Image: Microsoft

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 for $1,030

The Surface Pro 7 is a full-fledged 2-in-1 that's powered by an Intel processor and runs Windows 10 just like any other PC. It includes USB-C and USB-A ports to connect any type of accessory to it and has a battery life of around 10.5 hours. For someone who wants a full-fledge PC in a tablet form factor, it's hard to beat the Surface Pro 7. 


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Apple iPad Mini for $399

The iPad Mini is the smallest version of the iPad that Apple offers, and for a few update cycles, it felt like it had been forgotten. Earlier this year Apple updated the Mini, adding Apple Pencil support and upgrading its internals. The Mini doesn't work with Apple's keyboard cover, but to be honest, that'd feel pretty cramped. But with Pencil support, it does make for a good note or sketchpad.