New Relic extends Insights, rounds out product line

New Relic, an application performance monitoring company, adds a series of tools that could expand its market beyond developers and operations execs.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

New Relic, a cloud application performance and business intelligence company, on Wednesday rounded out its lineup with tools that offer pre-production testing, monitor and diagnose JavaScript and AJAX interactions, track bugs and make its Insights software more accessible.

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New Relic launches analytics tool dubbed Insights

In July, New Relic's Insights service became generally available. New Relic, like other players such as AppDynamics, are part of an emerging breed of applications performance management vendors bridging into business intelligence. New Relic targets mid-market and smaller enterprises while AppDynamics focuses on large companies.

To make Insights more accessible, New Relic highlighted Data Apps for Insights, which take the platform beyond developers and operations managers to less-technical employees. In theory, Data Apps for Insights could bring New Relic's wares to a broader audience and business executive roles in an enterprise.

New Relic also launched the following:

  • New Relic Synthetics, which allows developers to run pre-production testing scenarios to identify performance issues with applications ahead of time.
  • New Relic Browser, a standalone product that gives developers the ability to track JavaScript and AJAX interactions and how code is running inside a browser.
  • Crash reporting tools for New Relic Mobile, a feature that finds and fixes the bugs that cause mobile apps to fail.
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