New Relic launches AIOps suite

New Relic AI augments existing incident management teams and workflows.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

New Relic is launching a suite of AIOps tools to enable developers, site reliability engineering teams and network operations resolve software issues using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The company launched New Relic AI, a suite built for on-call DevOps, reliability and network teams. New Relic AI aims to detect, diagnose and resolve incidents faster. New Relic AI, which rides on the New Relic One platform, is built in part from the assets acquired in the SignifAI purchase in 2019 as well as its own intellectual property. 

According to Bill Staples, chief product officer at New Relic, automation is needed to meet service levels and create error-free software. Teams are overwhelmed with alerts as well as various tools to resolve issues. New Relic AI augments existing incident management teams and workflows.

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Staples said New Relic has seen telemetry data and usage swell as more application capacity is being tested as workers go remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic. "The last 4 weeks have been unprecedented as business users and engineers have a marked reliance on digital tools," said Staples.

Guy Fighel, product general manager at New Relic, said the application ecosystem goes beyond video conferencing and collaboration tools as enterprises go remote. "The ecosystem is far broader. Think of SaaS networking, CDNs and those companies supporting packets of data," said Fighel. 

New Relic AI correlates historical alerts with its unified telemetry database to model incidents and workflows. Key features include:

  • Proactive detection of problems using telemetry data to spot anomalies and notify customers in existing tools. New Relic AI ingests alerts, logs, metrics and events to make recommendations to address issues.
  • Incidents intelligence, a feature that groups alerts and incidents and correlates them to reduce noise and low-priority issues.
  • Integration with workflow tools such as Slack, PagerDuty, ServiceNow, OpsGenie, VictorOps and others.

Here are two screenshots of the Decisions module and correlation tool, respectively:

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