New Samsung site offers up data for evaluating SSD energy efficiency

Samsung offers tips for using DDR3 and SSDs to improve data-center energy efficiency.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

Wondering exactly how switching to solid state drives (SSDs) could affect power usage or energy efficiency in the data center? Samsung, which of course has a vested interest in all this, has assembled a site full of specific information that will help organizations assess whether investing in SSDs makes sense for them.

For example, the company claims that some SSDs can operate 48 times faster than hard drives and YET they do so while using 75 percent less power. Switching to DDR3 memory can also have an impact, Samsung says: Just one server using DDR3 can handle the work of nine older servers, saving up to 82 percent of the power. Taken together, DDR3 and SSDs could help businesses meet the new EPA Energy Star specification for servers, which promised a 30 percent improvement in energy efficiency.

Anyway, you could believe whatever numbers you want. The point is that Samsung has gathered up all sorts of information to help you evaluate these decisions. Here's a link to the microsite.

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