New Skype for Mac available for download: here are the 38 bugfixes

Skype's now updated Skype for Mac with version 2.7.
Written by Russell Shaw, Contributor

Skype's now updated Skype for Mac with version


  • bugfix: Skype crashed sometimes when ending video call on Leopard

  • bugfix: First videocall sometimes produced green picture

  • bugfix: Skype crashed when moving send video windows on Leopard

  • bugfix: Language name for Belarusian was wrong

  • bugfix: Backspace/delete now clears file transfers in File Transfer window

  • bugfix: Chat button was not working in the "Contact was already added" window

  • bugfix: Chat command was not enabled in contact's context menu in contact list

  • bugfix: Chat command was not enabled in contact's context menu in contact search window

  • bugfix: Chats were not closed properly sometimes

  • bugfix: Crash while moving contact from one chat drawer to another

  • bugfix: Dialogs sometimes did not have "View earlier messages" link

  • bugfix: Dock -> Change Status -> Invisible was not working

  • bugfix: Error message when calling a non authorized contact was not proper English

  • bugfix: File transfer group was not visually stopped when some transfers were canceled

  • bugfix: File transferring iWork documents failed

  • bugfix: Fixed chat rendering on Tiger/Safari 3

  • bugfix: File transfer window grabbed focus, when "auto-accept file transfers" option was turned on

  • bugfix: File transfer window position was not saved

  • bugfix: File transfer window was sometimes messed up when files were sent to multiple recipents

  • bugfix: History tab -> Customize Toolbar -> Skype crashed

  • bugfix: It was possible to enter a date less than 13 years ago as birth date

  • bugfix: Leading spaces in chat messages were removed

  • bugfix: Name was missing for SkypeOut Address Book contacts in SMS chats

  • bugfix: No error message when new password was the same as the old one

  • bugfix: Opening chat window was very slow at startup

  • bugfix: Skype crashed when clearing chat topic with backspace and then pressing enter

  • bugfix: Chat window emoticons pop-up was sometimes shown in wrong Space on Leopard

  • bugfix: SkypeOut credit was shown as FREECALL1.0 for newly created accounts

  • bugfix: No scrollbar appeared in the SMS entry field

  • bugfix: Sometimes contact was still shown in contact list after being removed from contacts

  • bugfix: Sometimes Skype crashed when the number of missed events changed

  • bugfix: Start Conference Call: multiple selected contacts were not added

  • bugfix: Unable to cancel file transfer after submitting an item into a multichat

  • bugfix: Undelivered chat messages were not shown as such after relaunching Skype

  • bugfix: Under certain circumstances some users did not show up in quick filtering results

  • bugfix: View -> Show Offline Contacts was grayed out if main window was not in focus

  • bugfix: Voicemail was sent to contact on some cases when user had selected to cancel sending

  • bugfix: When "Show Offline Contacts" was turned off and SkypeOut contacts were added or removed, then contact list was sometimes not refreshed

  • bugfix: When "Show Offline Contacts" was turned off, then offline contacts were not included in quick filtering results

  • bugfix API: SET PROFILE CALL_FORWARD_RULES did not work when username contained command

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