New social network Tsu signs one million users in just five weeks

Tsu has been celebrating passing its one millionth user. But what is so different about the social media platform that has so many users flocking to sign up?
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

New social network Tsu has experienced explosive growth since it came out of stealth mode in October 2014. On Thursday the site posted that it had reached the milestone of one million users.

New social network Tsu signs one million users in five weeks ZDNet
Image: Anthony Long / Tsu

This is an amazing achievement for a relatively unknown social network to reach in five weeks. Social networking behemoth Facebook took ten months to reach one million users on its platform. Tsu’s global rank on Alexa, the measure of how popular the site is, has climbed from below 11,000 in October to 5,000 today.

So how has Tsu achieved this growth? The network grows by word of mouth. Its existing users reach out across their social networks to find new users who create accounts in the network.

You need to have an invite code from another user. The website http://Tsu.co will ask users for a code.  http://tsu.co/eileenb will enable you to create your own Tsu account as you are accessing the site through an existing Tsu user.

This creates a network of users. Influential users recruit more users to the site which enables Tsu to see who are the most influential in its network. It can mine the relationships between its users to build up a comprehensive network of relationships.

It is the relationship and engagement between users in each user’s own network on Tsu that enable royalties from ad revenue to be created. Users share posts with their network and more ad impressions are made resulting in revenue for the platform.

Tsu has positioned itself as a socially responsive social network. It distributes 90 percent of its royalties gained through ad revenue to its content creators and their networks.

It also encourages users to donate their royalties to charities by using the “Transfer Funds” button on each user's wall.

Founder and CEO Sebastian Sobczak says that Tsu is the “first socially responsible social network ... paying content royalties for the commercial use of content creators’ likeness, image and work”.

Sobczak wants to “collaboratively change the lives of people for the better with these new found royalty streams”.

He donated $100 of his royalties to the non-profit organisation Charity Water, one of the first charities to benefit from peer to peer royalty transfers on Tsu.

Charities can easily set up a page on Tsu and check the box to accept peer payments from other Tsu users.

Currently the platform can only issue checks in US dollars. Hopefully there will be mechanisms in place in the future to pay out to charities across the world in their own local currencies. The team have not yet been able to confirm that this will happen.

Gaining one million users in just over a month is an achievement in itself. Encouraging users to redistribute their earnings by giving to charity is a noble thing to do.

My first months' activities on Tsu have earned me more royalties than I earned during seven years of social activities on either Twitter or Facebook. Perhaps your activities will too.

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