New Tandberg storage includes Dropbox management features

The BizNAS line, starting at $699, automatically acts as a Dropbox synchronization point, copying data to disks for secure offline backup and archiving.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

Tandberg Data is launching a new line of storage products targeted at small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) that includes a series of security and disaster response features, including automatic synchronization with the Dropbox cloud storage service.

BizNAS comes with an option for removable RDX media.
Image: Tandberg Data

The BizNAS storage appliances are meant to offer up to 16 terabytes (TB) of storage for file sharing between Windows, Macintosh and Linux systems, as well as iSCSI block storage that supports server virtualization. The devices support Intel's dual-core architecture, can accommodate up to four disk drives, and can be used in either a desktop or 1U rackmount configuration.

One big focus of the product is integrated data protection, so BizNAS supports an option for offline and offsite disaster protection using RDX QuikStor, a standard for rugged, removable disk storage.

In addition, the technology also provides SMBs with the ability to centralize, monitor, and protect multiple Dropbox cloud storage accounts. Basically, BizNAS can act as an additional synchronization point, which means that all versions of Dropbox data can have access to the storage or be archived on removable RDX cartridges. The BizNAS dashboard can also be used to monitor Dropbox activity.

"With the BizNAS, we are able to deliver much more, including automated self-protection of the NAS operating system and its configuration sessings, offsite disaster recovery using removable RDX media, and helpful tools to centralize and protect digital assets stored in the enormously popular Dropbox cloud," said Ted Oade, worldwide director of product management and marketing for Tandberg Data, commenting about the new technology.

The BizNAS line should be available by May. The list price starts at $699, depending on the configuration, and the systems come with a two-year warranty.

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