New technology in the spotlight at Intel Developer Forum

Faster, cheaper PCs and more powerful technology debuts in California
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor
At the Intel Developer Forum this week, the chip maker is highlighting ever-faster chips, even demonstrating a surprise 1.5GHz processor. All the new technology means lower-cost and more powerful technology for the end user. ZDNet News UK brings you the news as it happens. Intel's Timna is targeted for even lower cost PCs -- Wed, 16th Feb
Why should cheaper PCs use ancient chips? New chips have been designed to cut costs by eliminating graphics boards and memory controller chips Intel's 1GHz: Coming sooner than you think -- Wed, 16th Feb
At its Intel Developer Forum, the chip maker shows off three near-production PCs with 1GHz Pentium IIIs; such machines will begin shipping 'shortly' Keeping Netfinity running -- Wed, 16th Feb
CDM: IBM's new diagnostic technology is set to improve server uptime Surprise: Intel demos 1.5GHz processor -- Wed, 16th Feb
Intel announces new details of its high-end Willamette processor, including a 1.5GHz version, and low-end Timna chips Samsung, Hyundai, Intel roll out memory -- Tue, 15th Feb
New chips on display at Intel Developer Forum Intel to take $100m stake in Symbol Tech -- Tue, 15th Feb
Intel hopes to bring wireless networking to the masses following investment announcement Intel's new chips highlight conference -- Tue, 15th Feb
The first public discussions of its fastest chips will headline the semiannual Intel Developer Forum. AMD plans to chip in, too
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