New viruses on the attack

Businesses and users have suffered from several new viruses this week - and the old ones haven't gone away, either. Full coverage from ZDNet UK
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Foot and mouth disease isn't the only virus experts are finding it difficult to eradicate -- old computer viruses have been springing back to life in recent days, coupled with new attacks. All the recent stories from ZDNet's international network: NEWS
Magistr.B's European focus baffles experts
Wednesday 5th September Magistr.B, a variant on a virus that first appeared in the spring, has attacked Europe with new destructive capabilities. Will the US be next? SirCam worm still a serious threat
Wednesday 5th September Underestimating the SirCam worm could prove very costly, experts warn as the number of cases continues to rise New Magistr worm: How it works
Wednesday 5th September Magistr.B may evade current antivirus scanners, and can render a computer useless It's back! New Magistr virus at large
Wednesday 5th September Magistr virus doesn't seem to want to go away - it's back in a destructive new variant, and spreading in Europe Luscious Lara unleashes IRC worm
Wednesday 5th September The first ever computer virus utilising desktop themes has been detected in IRC chatrooms New email worm attacks Outlook
Tuesday 4th September The Apost worm, which arrives with a message asking people to review a file, is unlikely to reach the same scale of SirCam and Magistr Code Red is here to stay
Friday 24th August Code Red will be around 'forever', warns the security expert who has detected a new variation of the Code Red II worm See the Viruses and Hacking News Section for the latest headlines. See the Net Crime News Section for the latest on hacking, fraud, viruses and related issues. See the Internet News Section for full coverage. Have your say instantly, and see what others have said. Click on the TalkBack button and go to the Security forum. Let the editors know what you think in the Mailroom. And read other letters.
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