New website hopes to improve the Federal datacenter consolidation process

New website hopes to bring together IT experiences and improve the efforts of Federal IT departments working on consolidation and closures
Written by David Chernicoff, Contributor

From following the US governments mandated datacenter closing process since its initial announcement it has been clear that one of the things that has been lacking was a central clearinghouse for information for agencies about how to go about the consolidation process in some sort of standardized manner. Apparently this has been quite clear to the vendor community, as well, and a number of vendors with a stake in the datacenter consolidation business, such as NetApp, Knight Point, RiverBed and ThunderCat have gotten behind a new website that is setup to provide a bit of guidance and technique for effective datacenter consolidation.

The website http://www.FDCCIConnect.com contains a number of documents that can be used to evaluate the progress of a consolidation effort and hopes to attract a significant number of users from the Federal datacenter teams working on the consolidation effort in order to build a viable birds-of-a-feather type community.

I'd really like to see this site be successful. There is significant value in learning from the experiences of others working in the very specific area of datacenter consolidation for the federal government.  Almost all of the issues being faced by the teams dealing with this first round of consolidation efforts will be applicable to the ongoing consolidation and closure process and taking advantage of the experiences of those who have gone before can only be of benefit to those government IT folks who are just now begging the planning and evaluation of their datacenter consolidation and closures.

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